Mountain bike excursions at the lake between Leggiuno and Ispra

Costa Fiorita Lago Maggiore

Itineraries with an only thematic thread: the water🦅

Mtb excursions with a certified guide

The mountain bike excursions with a certified guide from the “ Accademia Nazionale” can offer unique experiences with few and simple ingredients. Not always big differences in height or wild spaces are synonymous with adventure, emotions and fun.

What do I suggest you?

All started last autumn, in a not very happy period for the world of the cyclo excursions by mountain bike. Winter just around the corner, restrictions to movements because of the pandemic, days spent at home thinking and studying.

Well, from that sad atmosphere I tried to imagine a way of light where water and nature could play masters.

I put in place all my past experiences as a cyclo tourist, mtb guide and above all enthusiast for rural places. I developped, starting from Malgesso where Mtb Varese has its seat, a structured itinerary rich of things to be seen. A simple route, suitable also for cyclo excursionists at their first bike rides.

I have called this itinerary “The flowered Coast of Lake Maggiore

Why can this itinerary be interesting and charming?

  1. Because it develops in a simple environment where you don’t need a basic technical training.
  2. It allows you to visit small villages and districts, where you can smell perfumes and feel atmospheres of a distant past. The village of Leggiuno, Monvalle, Reno and the big Quassa Park in Ispra.
  3. It restores your body and mind thanks to the energy released by mystic places such as Eremo di Santa Caterina, already Unesco site.
  4. In the end, but not less important, the serenity and peace given by the colours of the lake which blend with the ones of the sky.
  5. It is open to many interesting variations.

I tried this itinerary so many times, in order to increase its charm and points of interest and I tested it in April with some groupes of bike lovers.

My work passed the test! The goodness and the honesty of a simple trip, but at the same time rich of adequate sparks for a mtb cyclo experience.

Variations suitable for bikers

It is an itinerary that is appropriate for different variations and, like a painter who paints a canvas I love redesign all my customized itineraries for mountain bike lovers.

In most of my routes I try to put something new, maybe small gems, that can make the difference. The ancient peat bog of Laveno Monbello is an example.

It is an environment that was created in a far era, where glaciers covered our hemisphere and slowly, during their melting, formed small natural magics which can still be visited.
Today the peat bog is an area of relax for birds, which pause here during their long migrations, while in the past it was a place populated by primordial people who set themselves up and built the first stilt houses.

If like me you are curious and in search of new places to travel by bike, this is surely a route that can satisfy your desire of riding

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