Wash houses tour


It is a ring tour around Campo dei Fiori Park across woods and ancient villages where precious wash houses beat time and stages.


Along the itinerary we will meet the wash houses of Gavirate, Cocquio Trevisago, Anzio, Castello Cabiaglio, Brinzio and there will be some passages in the wood and along rocky roads, some of which with an important slope.

Brinzio is very suggestive with its historic centre formed by courtyards and old farmsteads transformed into residences.

From here we will go down towards Rasa, running along the source of the Olona river, which flows into Naviglio Grande in the province of Milan to come back then to the town of Velate in Malgesso.


  • Departure and arrival in Malgesso
  • About 50 km
  • Time 4 hours
  • Difference in height about 600 d+
  • Medium difficulty
  • Suitable for trained cyclo tourists
  • Unsuitable for beginners
Il giro dei lavatoi
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giro dei lavatoi mtb varese
Parco del campo dei giori lavatoi
Mountain bike guide MTB Varese
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accademia nazionale di mountain bike mtb varese
clab service
turismo varese
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